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At Udai Exports, we understand that every space is special and lives hundreds of stories within it. To keep these stories alive, we are bound to weave the carpets that reflect the souls of creation, elegance, and affection of our customers worldwide.

At Udai Exports, carpets are manufactured and exported not as any other job done; but aims to deliver a high-end satisfaction to its customers who believe in top-notch quality. We deal with wide range of Handmade Silk carpets, hand knotted carpets, woolen carpets, woolen silk carpets, Oushak, Herati, Mahi, Gabbeh, Moroccon, kazak, jute, Serapi, Sari Silk and Modern Design Carpets & rugs.

A highly enthusiastic and creative team of Udai Exports consists experienced and skilled artisans determined to craft imagination.Sourcing proper materials, using creative designs, proper detailing,

and quality weaving with proper delivery checks are made to make your wish true perfectly,the way you ever imagined. Our products hold the certification from Crisil Trust Seal promising the customers reliability at all terms. With a dream to provide the art lovers a treat of Jaipur and Bhadohi (Carpet City of India), Quality Rugs and Carpets, We are connecting with buyers around the world. United States of America, Canada and Europe are among the top 3 market regions that witness the richness of art and legacy. Keeping the Global outlook, we welcome customized artworks and design patterns to prevail magic of your memories and thoughts.

Our organization is growing at a fast rate because of valuable assistance of our mentor, Mr. Arvind Singh Chaudhary. His management skills, ability to handle crucial situation and regular motivation, enabled us to achieve such a remarkable peak of success in the market..

Selection of rugs as per the room and area?

Handmade Carpets Making Process

The process of making hand-made rugs at udaiexports combines ancient carpet-making techniques, the highest quality silks, wools and a sustainable production process from design to delivery.

1. Raw Material

Selection The Best Quality Wool for Carpets.

2. Spining

Selected Wool is cleaned and spun into yarn.

3. Dyeing

Dyes the Wool and Udai Exports dyes the wool to over 3500 colors.

4. Weaving

Weavers weave the carpets and rugs from provided rug map.

5. Washing

Carpets are washed to bring out the natural shine of yarn used and remove any dirt during weaving process.

6. Finishing

After Washed Rugs are trimmed, and prepared for export.

Are you looking for Quality Design Rugs?

Types Of Rugs

Customized Rugs

Let your imagination run wild and we will use our expertise to transform your design into a beautiful bespoke rug.

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